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Vegetables are a part of our daily routine and we want to take them in any condition. Vegetables sharpen both health and the mind. Many nutrients are found in vegetables, using which we can keep healthy. There are many types of vegetables too:- leafy vegetables, tuber vegetables, bulb vegetables, stem vegetables, and flower vegetables.

In this article, you have been given complete information about Flower Vegetables (name of flower vegetables). We use flower vegetables in food but do not know much about their properties. Flowers are full of vegetable properties, which are very important in our life.

10+ Flower Vegetables Pictures and Names

Flower vegetables list with pictures and names
ImageFlower Vegetables names in English with image
ArtichokeArtichoke (flower vegetable examples)
40048686 2 fresho sweet corn organically grownCorn (green flowers vegetable)
White EggplantEggplant (flowers as vegetables)
PeasGreen peas
Lady’s fingerLady’s finger (flower eaten as vegetable)
Romanesco broccoliRomanesco Broccoli
flower vegetables names list in english | list of flower vegetables

All these vegetables are called flowering vegetables because their shape is like a flower. We get vitamins and proteins from these vegetables. You can also use these vegetables without cooking them. There are many benefits of flowering vegetables that we are unaware of and it is very important to know about them.

What are flower vegetables?

Vegetables having flower shapes are called flowering vegetables. These flowers can be small or big. These flowers have clustered buds and a bunch of buds is visible. A lot of nutrition and nutrients are found in flowering vegetables, which are essential for the body. These vegetables contain phytochemicals called isothiocyanates which prevent cancer.

Regular consumption of these vegetables can keep you healthy and fit. There are many health benefits of flowering vegetables that make the body healthy. The following are examples of flowering vegetables:

Examples of Flowers Vegetables

flower vegetables pictures and names
flower vegetables chart | flower vegetables examples

Benefits of Flower Vegetables

flower vegetables definition
list of flower vegetables | flower vegetables pictures and names

Flowering vegetables are very beneficial for health because many nutrients are found in it. The following are the benefits of flowering vegetables:-

Nutrition:- Many vitamins are found in flowering vegetables, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B, etc. Apart from this, folate, fiber, calories, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, and magnesium are also found in flowering vegetables. Flowering vegetables are low in calories but high in vitamins.

Fiber:- Fiber is found in high quantities in flowering vegetables which is important for the body. Consuming these vegetables kills bacteria and strengthens the digestive system.

Antioxidant:- Antioxidants are found in flowering vegetables that eliminate harmful substances in the cells and protect against inflammation. It prevents cancer and frees from heart disease.

Weight loss:- Flowering vegetables are low in calories, so it controls weight and provides fiber.

Easy to Add to Your Diet:- You can easily include flowering vegetables in your diet because they taste good.

The bottom line

Flowering vegetables are beneficial for health. They are a great source of nutrients that are essential in the body. Flowering vegetables contain antioxidants that are beneficial for the body and give the power to fight diseases. Apart from this, vitamins, magnesium, fiber, and calories are also found in them, which strengthens the body.

Therefore, flowering vegetables should be used in the daily routine so that the body can run properly. You can easily include them in your diet. You can take it in food or you can consume it without cooking it. That’s why you must try it.


Name any three flowers which are used as vegetables.

There are some flowering vegetables that we use as vegetables.
1. Corn
2. Artichoke
3. Romanesco Broccoli

Which vegetable is a flower that you eat?

Artichoke is a flower that you eat.

Is cucumber a flower vegetable?

The cucumber is generally considered a vegetable because of how it is used in the culinary world. However, as it grows from flowers and contains seeds, it is botanically a fruit.

Flowers we eat as vegetables

Cauliflower, and broccoli, belong to the plants of the cabbage family, whose flower is eaten as a vegetable.

Name two plants whose flowers are eaten as vegetables

Two plants whose flowers are commonly eaten as vegetables are:-
1. Broccoli
2. Squash Blossoms

Which vegetable looks like a flower

Cauliflower is a vegetable that looks like a flower. Its head is made up of tightly packed clusters of undeveloped flower buds that resemble a large, white or purple flower. When cooked, cauliflower has a tender texture and a mild, slightly sweet flavor. It can be roasted, steamed, boiled, mashed, or used as a low-carb substitute for rice or potatoes.

Which vegetable has beautiful flowers?

Globe Artichoke: The most spectacular of all flowering vegetables. Leeks: Strong stems and true cut flowers in purple and white. Runner bean ‘Sunset’: Runner beans flower in two shades of white, red, and this nice pale peach. Chinese Broccoli: Large white broccoli florets for months.


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