Stem Vegetables – Stem Vegetables Names with Pictures

Vegetables are very important for our body because our body gets most of the vitamins from vegetables only. If a person does not consume vegetables, then he will soon become weak. There are many types of Vegetables. For example, leafy greens, tuber vegetables, root vegetables, etc. Stem vegetables also come in these types of vegetables.

This word will be new to you. But you use this vegetable in your food. Stem vegetables grow above the ground. Everyone consumes them in their daily routine but it is not known. These vegetables also give their vitamins and calories.

List of 20 Stem Vegetables names with picture

stem vegetables names with pictures
ImageStem Vegetables name in English with picture
Lemon grassLemon grass
Swiss chardSwiss chard
Brussels sproutsBrussels sprouts
LettuceLettuce (stems that we eat as vegetables)
LeekGarlic leeks
Chenopodium nuttalliae Chenopodium nuttalliae
Zizania latifoliaZizania latifolia (stem vegetables we eat)
list of stem vegetables examples | stem vegetables list and pictures

What are Stem Vegetables?

Stem vegetables do not grow in the lower part of the ground, but grow in the upper part of the land. Stem vegetables may be a new name for you, but you keep getting used to it. These vegetables are the edible stems of plants that we use in food such as asparagus, leek, celery, etc. Stem vegetables are one of the types of vegetables.

This is part of the plant that keeps on growing. Many people consider root vegetables and stem vegetables to be one but it is not so. There is a difference connecting these two types. Stem vegetables are different from root vegetables and tuber vegetables. You can use it in food.

Example of stem vegetables | stem vegetables chart

stem vegetables list
examples of stem vegetables | stem plants examples

What benefits of Stem Vegetables?

Stem vegetables have many benefits. Many vitamins and proteins are found in them. Below you have been told about the benefits of significant vegetables:-

Celery:- It is a type of stem vegetable. We can eat its stem as a vegetable. It is mostly used as a spice to enhance the taste. It is mainly used with cheese, cream, or butter.

Asparagus:- You can use this vegetable for dinner. You can roast it with black pepper and garlic and also cook it with spices.

Broccoli:- This is a famous stem vegetable. It is considered a good example of a stem vegetable. Its green part is consumed. A supply of nutrients is found in broccoli. You can use it in broccoli dishes. Broccoli can also be used as a salad.

Rhubarb:- It is a type of fruit. It can be eaten in both raw and cooked style. Rhubarb comes in a rare variety of vegetables. Very few people know about it. Many believe that only the stem of the Rhubarb is used. Its roots and leaves are poisonous. Its stem is delicious. You can use it with fruits like peach, mango, and strawberry.

Cauliflower:- Both the flower and stem of cauliflower are consumed. Hence it has been kept in the category of stem vegetables. It is rich in vitamins and nutrients. Broccoli is said to be the brother of cauliflower as both have a similar texture.

Stem Vegetables Health Benefits

There are many benefits of including stem vegetables in your diet. It supplies vitamins and proteins to the body. Below you have been told about the health benefits of stem vegetables:-

Vitamins- Many types of vitamins are found in stem vegetables. like:-

stem vegetables name list
stem that we eat | stem vegetables names with pictures

(i) Vitamin B9 is found in asparagus which promotes the development of the fetus of pregnant women. Apart from this, many types of nutrients are found in asparagus.

(ii) Rhubarb is also rich in vitamins, which are full of many nutrients.

(iii) Vitamin B and vitamin K are found in broccoli which makes the body strong.

Magnesium- Magnesium is found in stem vegetables which is beneficial for the body. like:-

(i) Nopales contain high amounts of magnesium, which makes up the taco filling.

(ii) Broccoli is also rich in magnesium, which strengthens bones.

Other benefits:-

(i) The amount of fat in stem vegetables is found to be low, so it controls weight.

(ii) Celery relieves diseases related to the digestive system.

(iii) The number of mineral elements are also found in stem vegetables which are important for the body.

The bottom Line

Everyone wants to take care of their health. For this, you have to use vegetables in your diet. Many nutrients are found in vegetables. The stem is also a type of vegetable. If you use it in your daily routine then you can stay healthy.

Many vitamins and minerals are found in step vegetables, which make the body strong. There are many benefits of step vegetables which are essential to keep the body healthy. Stem vegetable has low-fat content, so it also control belly fat. Stem vegetable is used in food but it is essential to get this complete information. Therefore, various examples are presented here.


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