What are the 10 Vegetables name

A vegetable is a plant or part of a plant that is eaten as food. Vegetables are generally low in calories and fat, and high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Eating a variety of vegetables daily can help you stay healthy.

There are many benefits of eating vegetables. They can help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol, and reduce your risk of heart disease and some types of cancer.

10 vegetables name in english and hindi

ImageVegetable name in EnglishVegetable name in Hindi
TomatoTomato (टोमेटो)टमाटर (Tamatar)
OnionOnion (ऑनियन)प्याज (Pyaj)
GarlicGarlic (गार्लिक)लहशुन (Lahshun)
GingerGinger (जिंजर)अदरक (Adarak)
Green ChilliGreen Chilli (ग्रीन चिल्ली)हरी मिर्च (Haree Mirch)
BroccoliBroccoli (ब्रोकोली)हरी गोभी (hari gobi)
White EggplantWhite Eggplant (वाइट एगप्लांट)सफ़ेद बैगन (Safed Baigan)
CabbageCabbage (कैबेज)पत्ता गोभी (Patta Gobhi)
Bitter GourdBitter Gourd (बिटर गार्ड)करेला (Karela)
CauliflowerCauliflower (कॉलीफ्लॉवर)फूल गोभी (Phool Gobhi)
10 vegetables name in english with pictures

Why vegetable is good for health?

A vegetarian diet is a healthy option even for meat eaters. Some of the health benefits of a vegetarian diet are that it can help you lose weight, lower cholesterol levels, and reduce your risk of heart disease.

A diet rich in vegetables and fruits can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent some types of cancer, reduce the risk of eye and digestive problems, and have a positive effect on blood sugar. Can have a positive effect, which can help keep appetite down.

The Bottom line

The vegetable is a versatile and nutritious plant that can be enjoyed in many different ways. With so many different types to choose from, there’s sure to be a vegetable everyone can enjoy. So the next time you’re looking for a healthy and delicious addition to your meals, consider the humble vegetable.


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