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Vegetable is very important for our body and there are many types of vegetables like – leafy greens, root vegetables, tuber vegetables, etc. Nutrients are found in abundance in all vegetables. If we talk about tuber vegetables then many people consider root vegetables and tuber vegetables to be a bean but there is a difference between them. There is not much difference between these two vegetables. A close relationship between the tuber vegetables and the roots. When a seed is sown, a plant is formed from it.

The elongated underground stem of the plant is named tuber vegetables in botanical language. It is used by humans as food. The prime example of a tuber vegetable is considered to be the potato. Potato is a common tuber. It has a swollen stem. Nutrients are predominant in this stem. Generally speaking, the stem stores nutrients. Green leaves and buds emerge on the top of the potato, which gives birth to a new plant. Nutrients are found in abundance in tuber which is beneficial for health.

10+ List of tubers vegetables

Tuber vegetables list with pictures and names
ImageTuber Vegetables names in English with image
Elephant YamElephant Yam
Chinese potatoChinese potato (underground vegetables names with pictures)
Jerusalem ArtichokeJerusalem Artichoke
sweet potatoSweet potato
types of tubers crops

What are tubers vegetables?

Tuber vegetables are known as root vegetables. But it is different from a root vegetable. This is a small difference. These are plants that are large and have edible, bulbous underground stems and roots. They are fat-free and they are also low in calories. But they contain a lot of nutrients. The tubers which are fully ripened are eaten by digging them from the soil and then washing and cooking them. They can also be kept dry and unpeeled for several weeks.

It is an edible vegetable. At the same time, the tubers are also used to grow new plants. Example – Potato is the best example of a tuber vegetable. Cut potato slices or seed potatoes with one or two eyes each are planted for the next year’s potato crop. Tubers are used as food in the category of vegetables. Tubers are modified plant structures that grow to store nutrients.

Tuber Vegetables examples

tuber vegetables names
tuber vegetables list | tuber crops examples

The bottom Line

The tuber vegetable is believed to be related to the root. A high amount of protein and fat is found in tuber vegetables, which is very beneficial for the body. There is not much difference between tuber vegetables and root vegetables. The root is found below the vegetable land and tuber is found near the vegetable land. The best examples of tuberous vegetables are potatoes and sweet potatoes.

A thick part is found in both of them. Contains a high amount of protein. This thick part is called the tuber. Tuber vegetables should not be consumed in excess. We can eat other vegetables without cooking but tuber vegetables are always used cooked. Tuber vegetables cannot be used in any medicine. It is always used in food.


What are examples of tubers?

Some Example of tubes vegetable is Arrowleaf elephant ear, Cassava, Chufa sedge, Elephant foot yam, Mashua, Potato, Taro, Yacón, Yam, etc.

List of non-tuber vegetables?

There are some non-tuber vegetables:-
1. Artichoke
2. Asparagus
3. Baby corn
4. Bamboo shoots
5. Bean sprouts


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