What Vegetable Grows Fast Enough that you can Hear it?

Are you searching ​for a vegetable ​that grows ​super fast and ​adds a ​sprinkle of magic ​to your ​garden? Well, look ​no more ​because we’ve got ​the amazing ​rhubarb! This plant ​is part ​of the Rheum ​family and ​is famous for ​its lightning-fast ​growth and tangy ​stalks that ​are perfect for ​whipping up ​mouthwatering desserts and ​jams. In this article, ​we’ll take you ​on a ​delightful journey through ​the enchanting ​world of rhubarb. ​We’ll show ​you just how ​impressively it ​grows and how ​many times ​you can harvest ​it in ​a single season. ​Brace yourself ​to be completely ​amazed by ​the wonders of rhubarb!

What Vegetable Grows Fast Enough that you can Hear it?

Oh, you won’t ​believe this! ​Rhubarb is one ​fast-growing veggie, ​and guess what? ​You can ​ hear it! ​How cool ​is that? There’s ​a special ​kind of rhubarb ​called forced ​rhubarb that grows ​in the ​dark, and it’s ​like it’s ​in turbo mode. ​It can ​shoot up as ​much as ​an inch every ​single day! ​And here’s the ​fun part ​- as the ​stalks grow ​bigger, they bump ​into each ​other, making cute ​little squeaks, ​crackles, and pops. ​It’s like ​a tiny veggie ​symphony right ​in your garden! ​So, if ​you’re looking for ​some excitement ​and veggie ​with a ​musical twist, rhubarb ​is your ​go-to!

Why does rhubarb grow so fast?

What Vegetable Grows Fast Enough that you can Hear it?

Rhubarb grows so ​fast because ​of a clever ​technique called ​”forcing.” It involves ​keeping the ​plant dormant in ​cold conditions ​and then moving ​it to ​a perfect environment ​for rapid ​growth while blocking ​all light. ​This trick makes ​rhubarb shoot ​up like magic!

How Many Times Can You Harvest Rhubarb in a Season?

Rhubarb is such ​an amazing ​plant! It grows ​ fast ​and gives us ​plenty of ​yummy harvests. But ​you know ​what? We need ​to be ​patient with it ​in the ​beginning. When it’s ​still a ​baby plant in ​its first ​year, we should ​avoid picking ​its stalks. That ​way, the ​rhubarb can grow ​strong roots.

​Once the plant ​is all ​settled and happy, ​we can ​start the fun ​of harvesting ​during the growing ​season, which ​is usually in ​spring and ​early summer. We ​get to ​pick rhubarb two ​to three ​times in this ​period. The ​exact time depends ​on where ​we live, but ​it’s usually ​around April or ​May.

Now, ​here’s a tip: ​we need ​to be careful ​not to ​take too much ​when we ​harvest. We should ​leave some ​stalks behind, so ​the plant ​can keep growing ​happily. We ​don’t want to ​tire it ​out!

And guess ​what? The ​best part is ​that rhubarb ​is like a ​gift that ​keeps on giving! ​Every four ​to six weeks, ​we get ​another harvest. That’s ​like having ​a surprise present ​from the ​garden throughout the ​season. So, ​we have lots ​of rhubarb ​treats to enjoy! ​But remember, ​by mid-summer, it’s ​time to ​give our plant ​a break ​and let it ​rest for ​the next season.


​rhubarb is a ​real wonder ​in the world ​of garden ​vegetables. It grows ​so amazingly ​fast that some ​people say ​they can even ​hear it! ​Nature’s magic, right? ​As a ​gardener, watching rhubarb ​go from ​a sleepy root ​to a ​lively and fruitful ​plant is ​just thrilling.

And ​here’s the ​best part – ​you get ​to harvest it ​multiple times ​in one season! ​That means ​more joy and ​more delicious ​treats for your ​kitchen. Rhubarb ​truly shines like ​a superstar ​in the garden.

​So, whether ​you’re a pro ​gardener or ​just starting, ​don’t miss ​out on this ​fast-growing marvel. ​Add some rhubarb ​to your ​garden and see ​the wonders ​it brings. Happy ​gardening, and ​enjoy all the ​yummy rhubarb ​delights!

Can ​I harvest ​rhubarb in the ​first year ​of planting?

It’s ​best to ​be patient in ​the first ​year of planting ​rhubarb. It’s ​recommended to refrain ​from harvesting ​its stalks during ​this time, ​allowing the plant ​to establish ​strong and healthy ​roots.

​When is the ​best time ​to harvest rhubarb?

​The ideal ​time to harvest ​rhubarb is ​during the growing ​season, which ​typically spans from ​spring to ​early summer. In ​most regions, ​the first harvest ​can be ​done around April ​or May.

How many ​times can ​I harvest rhubarb ​in a ​season?

During the ​growing season, ​you can usually ​enjoy two ​to three harvests ​of rhubarb. ​After the first ​harvest, you’ll ​have the opportunity ​to harvest ​it again every ​four to ​six weeks.

​Should I ​stop harvesting rhubarb ​at a ​certain point?

Yes, ​it’s essential ​to stop harvesting ​rhubarb by ​mid-summer. Giving the ​plant a ​break allows it ​to rest ​and prepare for ​the next ​growing season, ensuring ​its longevity ​and sustained growth.

Where does rhubarb grow naturally?

Rhubarb grows naturally ​in southern ​Siberia and was ​discovered there. ​Its name comes ​from the ​Russians who grew ​it along ​the Rha River, ​now known ​as the Volga ​River. It ​has a long ​history and ​was used as ​a medicinal ​herb by the ​ancient Chinese ​over 5,000 years ​ago. Nowadays, ​rhubarb is grown ​in many ​places and is ​loved for ​its delicious stalks ​used in ​cooking and baking.


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