Vegetables names in Urdu and English with Pictures

Including vegetables in your diet is important for achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle. These nutritious foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, all of which are essential for maintaining optimum health. In addition, vegetables are naturally low in calories and fat, making them an ideal choice for individuals who want to manage their weight.

Vegetables names in Urdu and English with Pictures

vegetables names in urdu and english with pictures
ImageVegetable name in UrduVegetable name in English
Green ChilliمرچChilli
Cauliflowerپھول گوبھیCauliflower
Broccoliگوبھی کا پہولBroccoli
list of vegetables name in Urdu

Regional Variations

In Pakistan and India, there are many regional variations of vegetable names in Urdu. Some examples include: ‘Bhindi’ which is called okra in English and ‘Tinda’ which means apple gourd. Similarly, brinjal is called ‘baingan’, and potato is called ‘also’ in Urdu. In northern India, the same vegetable may be called different names such as ‘vendaikai’ for okra and ‘sorakkai’ for bottle gourd.

Names also depend on the language used; A Bengali or Gujarati speaker will use different words than an Urdu speaker from northern India or Pakistan. For example, what is called ‘Karela’ in Urdu would be known as ‘Karola’ or ‘Kadli’ in Hindi; However, it would still refer to the same type of vegetable (bitter gourd). It is worth noting that some vegetables have multiple names in many regions such as the squash which may also be referred to as a pumpkin or bottle gourd (lauki), depending on where you are located.


Lastly, it is important to know the Urdu names of vegetables. They are not only useful for cooking, but they also play an important role in communication with people who speak (urdu mein panch sabjiyon ke naam) the language. It can be difficult to master a language you’ve never learned before, but with practice and dedication, it is possible to learn many common words and phrases used in everyday conversation.

Taking the time to learn basic vegetable names in Urdu will enable a person to communicate more easily with others who speak the language, as well as expand their own knowledge and understanding of different cultures. Even knowing a few words from another language can help break down barriers and build bridges between people from all walks of life.


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