Vegetable name in Gujarati and English with Pictures

India is a diverse and beautiful country with multiple cultures, languages, and dialects. One such language is Gujarati, an Indo-Aryan language spoken primarily in the state of Gujarat in western India. As part of its cultural heritage, Gujarati has many unique words for vegetables that are used by the local people to describe the products found in their region. In this article, we have given a list of some common vegetable names in Gujarati.

All Vegetables names in English to Gujarati with Pictures

vegetables name in english and gujarati
vegetables name in gujarati and english with pictures and names
ImagesVegetables name in EnglishVegetables name in Gujarati
CarrotCarrotગાજર (Gajar)
CauliflowerCauliflowerફુલાવર (Fulavar)
CornCornમકાઈ (Makai)
PotatoPotatoબટાકા (Bataka)
BeetBeetrootબીટ (bit)
TomatoTomatoટામેટા (Tameta)
Green ChilliChiliમરચાં (Marcha)
OnionOnionડુંગળી (Dungli)
GarlicGarlicલસણ (Lasan)
CabbageCabbageકોબી (Kobi)
CucumberCucumberકાકડી (Kakdi)
CapsicumCapsicumશિમલા મિર્ચ (Shimla Mirch)
Curry LeafCurry Leafમીઠો લીમડો (Mitho Limdo)
Bottle GourdBottle Gourdદૂધી (Dudhi)
PumpkinPumpkinકોળું (Kolu)
RadishRadishમૂળો (Mulo)
Fenugreek LeafFenugreek Leafલીલી મેથી (Lili Methi)
sweet potatoSweet potatoશક્કરિયા (Shakkariya)
BeansCluster Beansગુવાર (Guvar)
White EggplantEggplant and Brinjalરીંગણા (Ringna)
Bitter GourdBitter Gourdકારેલા (Karela)
Coriander LeafCoriander Leafલીલા ધાણા (Lila Dhana)
Lady’s fingerLady Fingerભીંડો (Bhindo)
Ridged GourdRidged Gourdતુરીયા (Turiya)
Spring onionsSpring Onionલીલી ડુંગળી (Lili Dungli)
SpinachSpinachપાલક (Palak)
Coriander LeafCorianderધાણા (Dhana)
PeasPeasવટાણા (Vatana)
GingerGingerઆદુ (Aadu)
MushroomMushroomમશરૂમ (Mashroom)
MaizeMaizeમકાઈ (Makai)
PeppermintPeppermintફુદીનો (Fudino)
TurnipsTurnipસલગમ (Salgam)
TurmericTurmericહળદર (Haldar)
OreganoOreganoઓરેગાનો (Oregano)
Ash GourdAsh gourd or White gourdતુંબડું, પેઠા (Tumbdu, Petha)
Bay leafBay leafતમાલ પત્ર (Tamal Patra)
Bell PepperBell Pepperસિમલા મિર્ચ (Shimla Mirch)
Colocasia RootColocasiaપાત્રા (Patra)
DrumstickDrumstickસરઘવો (Saraghvo)
gujarati vegetables name | chart vegetables name in gujarati

Popular Dishes Using Gujarati Vegetables

Gujarati cuisine is known for its vibrant and varied use of vegetables in its dishes. The state of Gujarat provides a wide variety of locally grown vegetables that are used to make some of the most famous vegetarian dishes in India. One such vegetable is ‘karela’, also known as bitter gourd, which is widely used in Gujarati cuisine to make ‘karela ki sabzi’. This dish is made by sauteing thinly sliced bitter gourd with onions, tomatoes, and spices till it becomes soft.

Another popular Gujarati vegetable dish is ‘undhiyu’, which translates to “upside down” in Gujarati. It is a mixed vegetable curry made with seasonal vegetables like yam, green beans, potatoes, and brinjal. These vegetables are cooked with coconut oil and various spices such as ginger-garlic paste and coriander powder till they become soft and fragrant.


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Pumpkin meaning in Gujarati

The Gujarati word for pumpkin is “કોળુ” (pronounced as “kolu”).

Lettuce meaning in Gujarati

The Gujarati word for lettuce is “લચ્છા કોશંબી” (pronounced as “lachha koshumbi”).

Beans vegetable meaning in Gujarati

In Gujarati, beans vegetable is commonly known as “ફણસી” (pronounced as “Phansi”).


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